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Our company works in the field of industrial energetics rationalization since the year 1993. Already from its beginnings the company is focused on lowering the specific energy consumption, effective utilization of purchased energetic media, increase of production output, expert check and proposal of effective energy systems and on other activities aimed at substantial lowering of energy intensity and current operational expenses.


Since the implementation of the law on energy efficiency in the legislation of the Slovak Republic, our company added also the execution of energy audits according to the law Nr. 321/2014 and the execution of energy audits of buildings according to the law of builings energy efficiency Nr. 555/2005 into its services portfolio.


All works performed within the offered services and activities are carried out by our own experts – registered energy auditors with top knowledge and extensive practical experiences in the field of industrial energetics.

Company identification

ORSR:    Obchodný register Okresného súdu Bratislava I, oddiel Sro, vložka č. 77447/B
ŽRSR:     Živnostenský register Odboru živnostenského podnikania Obvodného úradu Bratislava, register č. 110-210333
IČO:       46442987
IČ DPH:  SK2023382944