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The services in energetics listed below enrich the spectrum of our activities that are based mainly on rationalization of energy management and energy audit execution according to the law on energy efficiency Nr. 476/2008. Thus we can offer our potential customers complex services in the area of industrial energetics.


  • Analysis of effective performance of selected energy systems
  • Analysis of auxiliary devices of energy systems
  • Analysis of technologic systems performance focused on rational energy consumption
  • Analysis, expert check, proposal and optimization of cogeneration, trigeneration and quadrogeneration systems
  • Analysis, expert check, proposal and optimization of cooling systems
  • Elaboration of cold production and consumption balances, estimation of cooling output
  • Elaboration of drinking, utility and industrial waters balances; optimization of water management from the primary and secondary water sources utilization and water treatment point of view
  • Proposal of energy effective systems
  • Elaboration of energy systems reconstruction proposal (whole system or part of it), in context with its renovation or enlargement
  • Elaboration of energy systems reconstruction proposal (whole system or part of it), in context with production technology renovation
  • Expert check of elaborated energy system reconstruction proposal
  • New material and energy balances estimation for a new production technology concept
  • Elaboration of energy systems proposal in context with a new production technology
  • Procurement of suppliers and constructors; expert advice in their selection
  • Performance, expert check and evaluation of guaranty tests
  • Optimization of energy management performance in order to achieve the desired effects resulting from rationalization measures realization
  • Monitoring of energy management performance and of energy consumption (Monitoring)
  • Solution of inefficiencies in energy management performance from an ineffective energetic media utilization point of view (Targeting)
  • Controll of boilers, heating systems and other parts of heat management
  • Controll of cooling and air conditioning devices
  • Proposal of measures enabling provisioning of ancillary services (PpS); provisioning preparation
  • Optimization of portfolio and increase of incomes from ancillary services provisioning
  • Execution of energy audit of buildings by course of law Nr. 555/2005
  • Building energy certification and rating
  • Financial services allowing for quicker realization of proposed rationalization measures
  • Engineering, expert consulting and advicing services in energetics
  • Training, courses and seminars for energy experts, managers and operators