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The European Union decided to lower the inappropriately high energy consumption in industry by ratifying obligatory legislation regarding the efficiency of production and consumption of energetic media which has to be implemented in all member states. This situation combined with expected steady growth of energy prices forces the enterprises to realize various energy saving projects. However these enterprises are not always able to analyze the performance of their energetic and technologic systems satisfactorily. As a result the realized projects are often not system-integrated and consequently fail to achieve the expected savings which means the project-related investments are spent ineffectively.

Our company deals with issues related to energy efficiency; we have a long experience with providing services in industrial energetics in following areas:

  • Energy management rationalization
  • Energy audits execution
  • Services in energetics


All activities of our company are based on practical experiences of our energy auditors and are carried out in compliance with actual knowledge in the field of energetics and energy systems.